I’ve been told the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, this is my something different!

I love writing and sharing stories–because words are important, they lead to conversation, and conversation sparks change. Whether fact or fiction, everything we say conveys little truths about life, and everyone needs to hear some sort of truth, even if it’s that we aren’t alone in something. Believing this, I hope someone out there can get even a small amount of hope–or maybe a good laugh–out of the little truths I have to share.

My inspiration comes from a small town in central Alabama where I actively avoid All the sports (except tennis “go Djokovic!”) and am heavily influenced by my parents’ punny sense of humor and the twangy southern charm/accents. At this point you may be needing answers to a few “Alabama stereotypes” to which I will say: “Roll Tide,” I do enjoy the occasional glass of sweet tea, and I probably do overuse the pronoun “y’all.”

Other quirks include but are not limited to: my crazy dog Indiana who likes to eat my underwear, an avid love for baking cupcakes, the excessive use of “finger guns” and my compulsion to binge watch Monk in my free time.

I’ve been told it’s important to write what you know, but I also think that writing helps us learn about ourselves and how we see the world. So, again, I hope whoever is reading this (bless your heart) gets some enjoyment in reading about what I know, love, am passionate about, and what I’m learning on this crazy journey of life. Let’s do this.